Are you tired yet?

“Tired” a term that we are all familiar with. Physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. The heavy burden of life’s responsibility can be very daunting for most of us. Now let’s add some extra fuel to the fire and add “addictions” to one’s life.

For the addict…their drug of choice was used to help them get away from the reality of the responsibilities. It worked like a gem for a while… then something chaotic began to take place in the world of the addict. Their life became un-manageable and they could not figure how this war got started and how to get out of their predicament.

Lost in the mental world called…”One is too many…and a thousand is never enough…

I was that person 10 months ago…since then I have found freedom. I found a life that is worth living. My drug of choice was alcohol, this liquid substance held me captive for a long 34 year cycle. I am proud to say that I have divorced myself from this evil master and he is now called my EX-Addiction!

In my blog, I would like to share with you… my journey that has turned into an adventure. I want you to experience all the joy that I have found in a life called…freedom after surrendering!